Carolina Environmental Contracting: 2017 in Review

What a Year! And We’re Digging the Results!

Take a Look at this Recap:

Little Snow Creek Stream Restoration 2.14.17

A strong partnership collaborated to successfully restore Little Snow Creek in Stokes County, NC.  The cattle will no longer have access to the stream, the channel is stable, and both the stream habitat and water quality are significantly improved. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Cedar Trail Greenway Construction Project 3.8.17

Carolina Environmental Contracting recently completed the construction of a 4000 ft greenway trail connection from Cedar Trail to the existing Muddy Creek Greenway, in Winston-Salem, NC. The project involved the construction of a 10 ft. wide asphalt greenway with grassed shoulders, clearing, grading, installation of storm drainage piping, and paving of the trail. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Piedmont Triad International Airport Storm Water Drainage Repair 3.14.17

It is exciting for Carolina Environmental Contracting’s storm drainage team to tackle storm drain issues at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC.  Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Third Fork Creek Restoration Project 4.12.17

Carolina Environmental Contracting is excited to begin a new restoration project for the City of Durham, NC on Third Fork Creek. This project, announced in early April 2017, will stabilize the stream channel and modify the trail to reduce sediment buildup on the trail after rain events threaten the area.  This restoration will also improve the user experience on the trail. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Bryan Park Rd Culvert Replacement 4.20.17

Bryan Park Road in Greensboro is one of the area’s busiest and most prestigious thoroughfares. Any disruption of traffic is significant. Faced with a forced road closure to repair underground pipes, officials in the Spring of 2017 called Carolina Environmental Contracting to prepare the site for replacement of a large corrugated metal pipe within a double barrel culvert under the roadway. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

CEC Repairs Owen Drive after Hurricane Matthew 4.21.17

Six months after Hurricane Matthew flooded most of eastern North Carolina, Carolina Environmental Contracting was awarded a prestigious contract to repair slopes and shoulders at a busy highway interchange in Fayetteville NC.  Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Roadway Stabilization Improvements on NC 50 between I-540 and SR1831 5.16.17

NC 50 is a highly traveled highway between Raleigh and Wake Forest. Maintaining the integrity of the highway bed and surrounding support is critical. Performing that work in a timely fashion to minimize traffic disruption was critical. So when the need to contain and strengthen the embankment and associated guard rail protect arose, Carolina Environmental Contracting, Inc. (CEC) was tasked with the job. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

CEC and I-77 Mobility Partners join to speed commute times along I-77  6.1.17

One of the most congested sections of Interstate highway in North Carolina is a section of I-77 between uptown Charlotte and Mooresville. To address the imperative need to improve this section of highway, a public / private partnership between North Carolina Department of Transportation and I-77 Mobility Partners was formed to expedite construction of I-77 express lanes. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

From highways to taxiways and all roads in between….  7.7.17

During a recent pavement rehabilitation project at the Piedmont Triad International Airport, Carolina Environmental Contracting (CEC) installed six-inch underdrain pipe adjacent to an active taxiway and tied the installations into the existing storm water infrastructure.  The work took place in secured access areas of the airport and our entry requirements were met with flying colors.  Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Protecting Greensboro's Lakes and Recreational Amenities! 10.5.17

Carolina Environmental Contracting’s (CEC) contract with the city of Greensboro consisted of maintenance work on the slopes of both Lake Higgins and Lake Brandt Dam.  In addition, preparations for the inspection of the spillway gates on the Lake Brandt dam were addressed. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Carolina Environmental Contracting Uses Best Practices at Moses Cone Hospital Project. 10.18.17

Carolina Environmental Contracting (CEC) recently completed the design and construction of a BMP (Best Management Practices) site, built as a stormwater management solution to accommodate new construction at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Carolina Environmental Contracting Upgrades Muddy Creek Greenway in Winston Salem. 11.20.17

Carolina Environmental Contracting (CEC) was hired to improve Muddy Creek Greenway access by installing a 100-foot truss pedestrian bridge, rebuilding a trailhead and clearing and grading adjacent land for a parking lot. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

Ararat River Access Expansion  12.18.17

Carolina Environmental Contracting was hired to construct the parking lot, entrance driveway, sidewalk, timber steps and a boat slide to the Ararat River, which meanders through Surry County and is a stone's throw from Mount Airy’s Main Street. The new facilities will be used by local fire departments which will load river water into tanker trucks for fighting fires. Read the Dirt on this Recap!

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