Carolina Environmental Contracting Uses Best Practices at Moses Cone Hospital Project.

Carolina Environmental Contracting (CEC) recently completed the design and construction of a BMP (Best Management Practices) site, built as a stormwater management solution to accommodate new construction at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC. 

The additional building footprint and nonporous paving area required the installation of a 3,000 square-foot pond that forces stormwater to filter through vegetation, a specialty soil mix, sand, and stone before entering the stormwater piping system.  

Construction site BMPs utilize different methods and materials on construction sites before and during the construction phase of the project to control stormwater discharge or pollutants commonly found in stormwater. The newly installed bioretention pond will serve as a permanent BMP that will continue to filter water after construction completion.

The nature of Moses Cone Hospital’s environment and traffic flow created unique challenges for Carolina Environmental Contracting. Additionally, a tight schedule and limitations of construction within the confines of a new parking lot made the project more difficult, but CEC’s equipment and labor resources, management, good weather, and the commitment from their seeding contractor to the project, allowed for successful completion of the project, on time, within budget and built precisely to the project specifications.

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