CEC and I-77 Mobility Partners join to speed commute times along I-77

One of the most congested sections of Interstate highway in North Carolina is a section of I-77 between uptown Charlotte and Mooresville. To address the imperative need to improve this section of highway, a public / private partnership between North Carolina Department of Transportation and I-77 Mobility Partners was formed to expedite construction of I-77 express lanes.

These express lanes are being added in each direction on I-77 between Charlotte and Mooresville and will alleviate the daily traffic grind of commuters. 

The I-77 Express Lanes will put the commuter in charge of his commute.  Every driver can decide when he wants to use the express lanes and for what distance.  Electronic signs overhead will display the current toll rate for that particular segment. 

Total erosion control is critical to the construction integrity of this 26-mile long project and Carolina Environmental Contracting, Inc. (CEC) was selected to develop and build the total erosion control package during the clearing and grubbing phases of this important project. 

CEC’s scope of work included the installation of construction entrances, sediment basins, diversion ditches, check dams, inlet protection and silt fence installation. Additionally, CEC installed turbidity curtains in Lake Norman, the largest manmade body of fresh water in NC. 

The turbidity curtains are part of NCDOT’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) that help keep construction sites in compliance by controlling silt and sediment in water and allowing it time to settle out. 

To meet tight NCDOT deadlines, CEC constructed the erosion control project while facing significant external challenges, including high volume traffic, limited access to the project, tight working quarters within the construction limits of the median areas, time restrictions on stone delivery, and record rainfalls. 

CEC’s management, knowledge, equipment operator skill set, and commitment to the project resulted in on time installations that met NCDOT standards for temporary sediment control requirements and allowed the construction of the roadway to move forward hand-in-hand with the compliance of sediment control.

The NCDOT partnership with I-77 Mobility Partners is the first of its kind in North Carolina.  I-77 Mobility Partners will finance, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain the project.  NCDOT will own the road and will ensure that proper standards are met.

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