Out with the old….and in with the new

In eastern Stokes County, the Lynn Branch tributary intersects with Snow Creek, both of which feed the Dan River that cuts through central North Carolina and southern Virginia.
The age of the pipes and the volume of water it carries, created a critical need for structural renovation.  
Carolina Environmental Contracting was hired by North Carolina Department of Transportation to manage and construct NCDOT’s designed solution. Work began in early March.
Work involved closing and detouring traffic from Duggins Rd near Madison NC, cutting out and removing the existing asphalt, excavating about a 25’ deep ravine for a new culvert installation. 
The Lynn Branch was pumped around the active work area to prevent sediment in the channel.  Temporary dams were set up in the stream channel to eliminate flow through the work area.
With those preparations completed, the digging commenced.  Two 108” diameter aluminum pipes, each 112.5” in length, are currently being installed using an inlet structural plate headwall 12’ tall and 45’ wide and an outlet structural plate wall 13’11” tall and 40.5’ wide.
Make no mistake, this is a significant underground structural rebuild.
Once the pipe is installed, Carolina Environmental will backfill the pipe ravine, repave the road, rebuild the shoulders, and stabilize with seed and mulch.  Temporary sediment control was an integral part of this project….and CEC has stepped up in order to maintain clean water flows and prevent sediment from entering both Lynn Branch and Snow Creek.

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