Roadway Stabilization Improvements on NC 50 between I-540 and SR1831

NC 50 is a highly traveled highway between Raleigh and Wake Forest. Maintaining the integrity of the highway bed and surrounding support is critical. Performing that work in a timely fashion to minimize traffic disruption was critical. So when the need to contain and strengthen the embankment and associated guard rail protect arose, Carolina Environmental Contracting, Inc. (CEC) was tasked with the job.

CEC recently was invited by ST Wooten Corporation of Wilson NC to partner in the stabilization effort alongside NC 50 in Wake County. The challenge was made all the more difficult by poor soil stabilization and slopes that were roughly 16 to 20 feet in length and had a slope ratio (Horizontal Distance:Vertical Distance) of 1.5:1.

To accomplish the stabilization and protection task, CEC installed a geogrid Fornit 20, a high-strength and durable polypropylene product that is manufactured into a stable interlocking pattern in order to stabilize poor soils. Recent road repairs brought the stabilization issue to the forefront.

CEC brought in ladders to navigate the slope, which provided much better access for the geogrid installation. Due to lane closure requirements, all work had to be performed during 9 am to 3 pm in order to minimize commuter traffic interruption.  

As a result of CEC’s commitment to the project and its requirements, the project was finished ahead of schedule.  

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