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Stewarts Creek Stream Restoration

Another project of ours near Mount Airy involves stream restoration for tributaries of Stewarts Creek. Stewarts Creek is the largest water source for Mount Airy and is one of two streams supplying water to the treatment plants in the area. Our work at Stewarts Creek began in October of 2019 and finished April 2020.

Irwin Creek on I-77

Typically, when we think of stream restoration projects, we are thinking about habitat protection and aesthetics. However, some projects have higher stakes involved. That’s exactly the case with the Irwin Creek portion of the Interstate 77 project in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Town Creek Culvert using RSC

Occasionally the pros at Carolina Environmental Contracting get to stretch outside of our usual workplaces to collaborate on great jobs in great places that manage stormwater and infrastructure.

White Buffalo Rd, Jackson Creek

A few miles southwest of downtown Mount Airy, the Jackson Fork Stream gently meanders through rolling farmland near White Buffalo Road. That’s where passers-by will find the professional team from Carolina Environmental Contracting engaged in an agricultural stream restoration project to improve water quality and minimize soil erosion.

Fresh Dirt: Mill Dam Creek Project

Several years ago the Division of Mitigation Services (DMS), a NC Department of Environmental Quality initiative that restores and protects wetlands and waterways, targeted Mill Dam Creek as an area for restoration.