Fresh Dirt: Mill Dam Creek Project

Several years ago the Division of Mitigation Services (DMS), a NC Department of Environmental Quality initiative that restores and protects wetlands and waterways, targeted Mill Dam Creek as an area for restoration.

In February 2019, Mount-Airy based Carolina Environmental Contracting was contracted to restore the Mill Dam Creek. As part of the project, and in partnership with KCI Associates of NC engineers, CEC developed plans to complete over 13,000 linear feet of stream restoration and enhancement.

CEC used its powerful  Prinroth Offroad T14 track machine to better move saturated soil. With all-wheel terrain reliability, the track machine transfers worksite materials in any terrain: swamps, rocks, steep hills, water, or deep mud. Even better, its low-ground pressure has minimal environmental impact, which is what CEC values most!

Upon completion, the project will provide mitigation credits to DMS, whose mission is to provide cost-effective mitigation alternatives that improve the state’s water resources. Take a look at the video that shows work in action.