Pond Repair in Pinnacle, NC

A good fishing pond is always a hot commodity in the dog days of summer, but what is to be done when the pond infrastructure is not able to keep up with those late afternoon storms NC summers are notorious for?


Pond repair is one of the environmental services we offer. When someone identifies a pond in need of repair, Carolina Environmental Contracting is able to assist. The first step is to call our senior business development officer, James. From there, CEC team members will work to diagnose the issue with the pond and propose a solution.


One of our crews recently repaired a pond near Pinnacle, NC. The landowner for this pond had recently moved back to NC from the western part of the country and found that her pond was beginning to encroach upon her driveway. After closer inspection, we found that the original outflow pipes had become clogged and were no longer able to function properly. Left untreated, the pond could pose a serious problem for the driveway and property.


In the span of one day, CEC addressed the problem by removing the old pipes beneath the driveway and replacing those with a pipe size more appropriate for the volume of water and debris that may go through the pipe after a storm event. We also added additional stone to the driveway and rip rap plating around each side of the pipe to prevent any scour from water exiting the pond. (Scour is a term referring to a localized loss of soil around a foundation element or structure.)


Whether it is a one-day project or a one-year project, CEC team members take pride in working to find solutions and repair stormwater management issues for local landowners to international corporations.