The City of Burlington Silva Cell Project

The City of Burlington wanted some trees. And stormwater managed. In a tight urban space, no less. The solution? It called the Pros at Carolina Environmental Contracting.

The project had it all for the CEC Pros. Precision trenching. Strategic plumbing. Blanket installation of foundation rock. All forming a support network for Silva Cells, modular blocks containing high-quality, uncompacted soil to grow trees, manage stormwater and supporting high traffic loads.

“It’s a great answer for cities that want to add trees in tight urban spaces,” said CEC Chief Pro Joanne Cheatham. “In addition to Silva Cells, we replaced concrete gutters with pervious concrete slabs and are installing precast slabs along roadways instead of pouring more concrete."

CEC went to work on Jan. 20, 2020 and expects to be completed within a month.

Engineers from North Carolina State University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering are participating in the project and will be studying the effectiveness of Silva Cell stormwater management.