Town Creek Culvert using RSC

Occasionally the pros at Carolina Environmental Contracting get to stretch outside of our usual workplaces to collaborate on great jobs in great places that manage stormwater and infrastructure.


Like Greenville, NC. A fabulous city (what with a bustling art scene, picturesque (and dog-friendly) parks, and fun-filled festivals). We recommend it.


Greenville recognized the immediate need to improve the Town Creek Culvert to prevent flooding and replace outdated stormwater infrastructure near the uptown area. (The Town Creek Culvert drains stormwater from approximately 250 acres in the uptown area. The culvert begins near West 9th Street and Ficklen Street and continues to its outlet between Reade Circle and South Summit Street. Historical records indicate the culvert was built prior to 1935 in an existing stream bed.)


Trader Construction Co. from New Bern, NC was named the prime contractor of the project. That firm tasked the pros from CEC as the subcontractor to install the Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) system along the Culvert’s stormwater infrastructure. This work will turn drainage ditches that are prone to erosion into a system to slow and treat stormwater.


Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance

RSC is a fresh, innovative approach to provide stormwater treatment, infiltration, and conveyance within one system. It has been used as an ecosystem restoration practice for eroded or degraded outfalls and drainage channels. RSC is also designed to daylight water flow rather than use underground piping systems. This type of system can be very effective for stormwater movement and it can also be substantially cheaper than piping through congested urban areas.

RSC utilizes a series of shallow aquatic pools, a series of baffles and flow managers to control the water, native vegetation, and underlying bioretention soil mix to treat, detain, and convey storm flow.

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Project overview by City of Greenville:


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