White Buffalo Rd, Jackson Creek

A few miles southwest of downtown Mount Airy, the Jackson Fork Stream gently meanders through rolling farmland near White Buffalo Road. That’s where passers-by will find the professional team from Carolina Environmental Contracting engaged in an agricultural stream restoration project to improve water quality and minimize soil erosion.


The project is part of an NC Department of Environmental Quality initiative that restores and protects wetlands and waterways for future generations to offset unavoidable damage from nearby economic development, particularly roadways.


“We started the project in November on a farm near White Buffalo Road,” said Joanne Cheatham, founder, and president of CEC. “Using Best Practice Management procedures we are restoring a portion of the Jackson Fork stream and surrounding tributaries to prevent erosion, slow sediment transport and provide a nice, clean habitat for wildlife.”


Working with Wildlands Engineering, CEC’s plan calls for digging and grading a new stream, installing log sills, brush toes and riffles, and installing about five rock sills to pool and control water flow.


The project is scheduled to conclude in April.