Willowbrook Park Stream Restoration Project

The Willowbrook Park is one of Burlington’s premier recreational facilities, especially for youngsters.  The City of Burlington, along with the New Leaf Society’s monetary support and guidance, has big plans to develop this park into the Burlington Arboretum at Willowbrook Park.  Willowbrook Park is a 17-acre parcel that follows a small creek, Brown’s Branch, from South Church to Front Street.

The first step in this ambitious project is to restore the stream which will address stream stabilization, water quality, aquatic habitats, and the current flooding issues in the park.  Project leaders turned to Carolina Environmental Contracting (CEC) for this phase of the project.   CEC brings thousands of feet of successful stream restoration experience along with them to this project.

In a recent interview with Burlington’s Fox 8 television, Burlington Water Resources Director Bob Patterson said, “…. we want to do our part to maintain and provide the best water quality to support aquatic life and drinking water supplies.”

For more information on the Willowbrook Park stream restoration project, check out the Fox 8 News article here.

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